Learn to swim BECO-SEALIFE® Neoprene Shorty

The BECO-SEALIFE® neoprene shorties provide protection against loss of body heat and against sunburn.

Protection against loss of body heat and sunburn

Protection against loss of body heat and sunburn

The BECO-SEALIFE® neoprene shorty provides warmth and UV protection. It protects your child aganist loss of heat and against sunburn while swimming and diving.

The suit ist made of 2 mm SCR-neoprene. The elastane inserts on the arms and legs make it comfortable to wear.

The BECO-SEALIFE® neoprene shorties are a perfect match for all BECO-SEALIFE® products such as swimming goggles, swimming caps and diving toys.

Available in sizes 80 to 152.

Children’s swimsuits with neoprene

Children’s swimsuits with neoprene

  • Neoprene adds warmth
  • Flexible inserts offer optimum ease of movement
  • Long front zip for easy dressing and undressing
  • UV protection 50+
  • Two color combinations: pink/red and  blue/green
  • Available in sizes 80 to 152


You can buy first-class BECO products in specialist sports shops, boutiques, waterparks and online shops.

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