About BECO


  • Founded in 1923, BECO can boast many years of experience. It discovered its passion for aquatic sports when bathing caps were added to its range. Between the 60s and the 80s, BECO quickly developed into a reliable supplier of bathing caps, with its own factory in Spain. In the 70s, other swimming fashions followed from production sites in Spain and Italy. Since then, BECO has continuously expanded its portfolio to include swimwear and aquatic sports equipment.
  • We are driven by a passion for sports both in and near water. Our motivation is a desire to promote aquatic sports with new ideas. This allows us to offer aquatic sports enthusiasts the best for training and competitions. Our strengths include our know-how and our love of developing innovative products for aquatic fitness. International patents and industrial property rights guarantee the exclusivity of our inventions.
  • We consider an exchange of ideas to be a significant factor in our success. That is why BECO cooperates with the most important associations, organisations and experts in water sports.
  • The BECO brand represents skill, quality and the creation of high-quality items – even across borders. Our products are in demand in EU countries, CIS members, in Eastern Europe and further afield. BECO has long been considered one of the leading European suppliers for competitive swimming, aquatic fitness and swimwear.