Swimming Competition swimming goggle MONTEREY

The best does not have to be expensive. MONTEREY, our outdoor star for training and competition in bright lighting conditions. Polarizing 5-layer TAC lenses filter out glaring reflections on the surface of the water, even under blazing sunlight.

Competitive swimming goggles

Competitive swimming goggles

Keep focused no matter which position you’re in – made easy with MONTEREY. Curved lenses ensure a large, clear field of vision.
Monterey fits all

Monterey fits all

Unisex at its best. Athletic luxury for competition, training and fitness.
A tight fit

A tight fit

Keep your eyes dry as long as necessary – the high-tech silicone gasket on the ultra-soft TPR frame ensures a permanent, tight fit.
For your eyes only

For your eyes only

MONTEREY, our best goggles for the most demanding outdoor conditions. A professional combination of glass, frame and gasket.
Push button quick release fastener

Push button quick release fastener

Quick start – quick stop! You can remove the swimming goggles with one touch – no fuss!
Divided head strap

Divided head strap

A perfectly balanced fit ensures that everything stays in place.
Polarizing 5 layer TAC lenses

Polarizing 5 layer TAC lenses

Polarizing lenses for outdoor swimming in bright light conditions.

Competition Goggle MONTEREY | Features and Material


  • Lenses: The polarizing 5 layer TAC lenses filter glaring light rays on the surface of the water, and offer clear, high contrast vision. 100% UV protection, Antifog.
  • Curved lenses for large visual field.
  • Divided head strap with side push button quick release fastener.
  • Certified according to BS5883:1996.
  • Storage box to protect the swimming goggles.



  • Lenses: CP (Cellulose Propionate).
  • Seal/Frame: Silicon/Ultra Soft TPR.
  • Hand strap: Silicone.

What is important when buying a pair of swimming goggles?

1. Is the pair of swimming goggles certified? How will I know that?

Swimming goggles fall under the category of “personal protective equipment”. For that, the following standards apply: BS5883:1996 for the swimming goggles and EN1836 for lenses with UV protection.

All BECO swimming goggles have the numbers of the standards embossed or stamped on the head straps. This confirms the conformity of the swimming goggles with the standards.

2. Is the pair of swimming goggles equipped with UV protection? What differences are there?


UV protection protects your eyes from damaging UV radiation. Here, we distinguish between UV 380 (UV PROTECTION) and UV 400 (100 % UV PROTECTION).

All models with the mark UV 400 (100 % UV PROTECTION) guarantee 100 % UV protection.

The UV protection mark can be found on the case.

3. Anti-fog or anti-mist finishing, what do I need to observe?

The mark ANTIFOG on the case will tell you if your BECO swimming goggles come with an anti-fog coating:

a. A coating on the inside of the lenses: Under clean-room conditions, a fluid is applied to the inside of the lense as an anti-fog coating, which is very delicate. Therefore, you must never mechanically clean this coating directly by hand or with a cloth, as this would destroy the coating. You may only rinse the inside of the lenses with clear water.

b. The anti-fog finishing is already contained in the lense material and can not be damaged by mechanical stress. Only the highest-quality BECO swimming goggles are equipped with these so-called CP lenses (CP = cellulose propionate). Please ask your specialised shop assistant for help.

4. Why do BECO offer so many models?

Faces generally come in a variety of different shapes. In order to be able to offer the right pair of goggles for most face shapes, BECO have got a lot of models with different shapes in their range of products.

5. How to choose the right pair of swimming goggles?

The be all and end all of a functioning pair of swimming goggles is the correct fit.

This is how you check if a pair of swimming goggles fits correctly:

Place the eye cups on your eyes without pulling the head strap over your head. Carefully press on the eye cups a little bit.
If this generates a slight vacuum so that the goggles ’stick‘ to your eyes without you having to hold them, they fit correctly.


You can buy first-class BECO products in specialist sport shops, boutiques, waterparks and online shops.

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