Aquatic Fitness BEbell /// Aqua Dumbbell

BEbell is the dumbbell for working out shoulder, arm and trunk muscles in water.

BEbell /// Aqua Dumbbell

BEbell /// Aqua Dumbbell

The buoyancy and resistance characteristics of this revolutionary device make for an optimum workout in three dimensions. The ergonomically shaped handle fits perfectly into the user’s hand and the shield increases the water resistance. BEbell is made from a single piece; this unibody technology has no loose parts, making the dumbbell even more robust and durable.
High-Quality Aqua Dumbbell

High-Quality Aqua Dumbbell

  • High level of buoyancy and sturdiness due to material EEP
  • Available in two sizes
  • Packed in pairs
  • Made in Germany
Robust Aquafitness Device

Robust Aquafitness Device

BEbell is the dumbbell for intensive and versatile work out of the shoulder, arm and trunk muscles in water.

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Range of use

  • Aquatic fitness

Training goal

  • Coordination, balance, strength and endurance, flexibility
  • Strengthening of the upper body


Water depths

  • Shallow water
  • Deep water

Features and Material


  • Medium/High


  • Medium


  • EPP

EPP has very low density and absorbs hardly any water, giving the BEbell a high level of buoyancy in water. The material is also very robust and tough. The combination of these characteristics makes EPP ideal for an aquatic-fitness dumbbell.

Size S

  • Weight of set: 110 gr
  • Buoyancy force of set: 1190 gr
  • Measurements: 210 mm x 143 mm

Größe M

  • Weight of set: 140 gr
  • Buoyancy force of set: 1520 gr
  • Measurements: 235 mm x 145 mm


You can buy first-class BECO products in specialist sport shops, boutiques, waterparks and online shops.

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