Aquatic Fitness Aquatic Fitness Equipment

Exclusive, cutting-edge equipment for fitness, therapy and performance training. Developed by BECO, the aquatic fitness experts.

Aquatic FitnessBEboard

Floating fitness mat for training on the water surface.

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Aquatic FitnessBEtomic

This compact device opens up a multitude of varied and imaginative programmes for aquatic fitness training for the whole body.

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Aquatic FitnessBEnamic

Training with the BEnamic addresses specifically the upper body.

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Aquatic FitnessBEflex

Multi-use fitness device made of silicone. Small and handy. Joint friendly shape. Enables ideal transfer of force.

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Aquatic FitnessBElegx

BElegx is the ideal training device for both shallow and deep water.

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Aquatic FitnessBEbelt

Aqua-Jogging-Gürtel BEbelt.

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Aquatic FitnessDynaPad

Upright posture begins at the feet! 

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Aquatic FitnessDynaFloat

Buoyancy tool made of neoprene with a ball on both ends.

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Aquatic FitnessBEbell /// Aqua Dumbbell

BEbell is the dumbbell for working out shoulder, arm and trunk muscles in water.

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Aquatic FitnessnordicJET

The nordicJET is the optimum training device for Aqua Nordic Walking in shallow and deep water.

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Aquatic FitnessPowerStick

Sensational whole body training equipment for aquatic fitness, swimming lessons, rehabilitation and animation. 

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Aquatic FitnessAquaTwin

The Power Sandals offer effective legs, bums and tums training now even in the water. 

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Aquatic FitnessAquaDisc SZ

The optimum training equipment for aquatic fitness, particularly for training the upper body and the cardiovascular system. 

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Aquatic FitnessSharkPunch

Punch and kick bag, for demanding training in water.

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SwimwearBEsuit – The new revolutionary Fitness Swimwear

BEsuit is an innovative fitness tankini for aquasports, aquatic fitness and leisure.

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SwimmingBECO 2022/2023 Aquasport Catalogue

The latest catalogue with swimming equipment for all requirements, safe products for people who are learning to swim, innovative and exclusive aquatic fitness devices as well as shoes and bags for the beach and swimming pool.

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