Aquatic Fitness BEroller

BEroller is a fascia roller with fitness band for water and dry land to stimulate superficial and deeper fasciae.

Fascial Release + Fascial Stretch

Fascial Release + Fascial Stretch

The aquatic fitness device BEroller supports two methods of fascia training: Fascial Release with the four movable rollers for loosening and moisturizing the fasciae and Fascial Stretch with the elastic band for improving fascial elasticity.
Use the BEroller as a fascia roller

Use the BEroller as a fascia roller

Four movable balls in the middle section and five variable grip options on the outer elastic bands allow pressure and tension to be applied to the fascial structures.
Use the BEroller as a fitness band

Use the BEroller as a fitness band

The BEroller is not only a fascia roller but also a fitness band for aqua fitness and gymnastics on land.
Use the BEroller as a resistance device

Use the BEroller as a resistance device

Due to the ergonomic handles on the bar and the variable grip options on the elastic band, it is also ideal as a resistance machine.

BEroller // Use

Range of use

  • Fascia training (Fascial Release + Fascial Stretch)
  • Aquatic fitness
  • Rehabilitation

Training goal

  • Flexibility
  • Coordination

Water depths

  • Shallow water

Features and Material


  • None


  • Variable


  • Length of the fixes middle section: 52 cm
  • Length of elastic bands: 70 cm each


  • 45 % nylon
  • 29 % rubber
  • 26 % Polyester

BEroller // Tutorial


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